My dearest darling Bill - “Jee”. We had so much that we planned together. You promised me – only a few more years at work and then you would be free from the “payroll chains” and your 7:08 a.m. train journey:

1. Majorca here we come;

2. Touring the world, watching Vicram, England and India play cricket;

3. Gurdas Maan and Jagjit Singh concerts;

4. Gym session daily for you, lie ins for me!;

5. Spending time with family and friends;

6. Jamie Oliver move over – here comes Bill Sohal!

Even though we missed out on this together, I will always cherish our many, many memorable and fun times together. My darling – so much planned and promised. You worked exceptionally hard from a very young age – you deserved your retirement more than anyone. Alas, was not meant to be. Don’t worry – I promise you that we will do all this together – just await my arrival.

I love you more than you will ever know and forgive me if I did not tell you that as much as I should have done.

Your Dalsay

Watmores Solicitors

We at Watmores are devastated by the loss of our much-loved friend and colleague, Bill Sohal. Bill joined the firm in 1989 and became a salaried partner in the firm in 1992. We were so impressed by his talents that in 1996 he became an equity partner or in other words, co-owner of the firm with Nigel, Dennis, Jon and Ron (eventually to be joined by Simon). From the day he joined Watmores, Bill worked tirelessly to make the firm prosperous and successful. He was known to many of our clients as "Battler Bill", meaning that he could be relied upon to represent them firmly and fearlessly and achieve the best possible result in or out of court. He was an excellent lawyer, not only because he gave good legal advice but because he treated all his clients as if they were friends and they knew they could turn to him for advice day and night, about their legal and indeed their personal problems.
As a colleague, he was kind, considerate and always ready to offer his help when any employee had a problem at work or in their private life. Nothing was too much trouble for Bill. If he couldn't help with a problem he would pick up the phone and find someone - a friend, maybe another lawyer with greater experience of that aspect of law - who was prepared to help, and to offer their help free because it was for Bill. At every gathering and every Christmas party, Bill would make everyone feel at ease and entertain us with his jokes and stories. When decisions had to be made about taking on a new employee or dismissing anyone, his help and advice were vital and his partners were glad to benefit from his wisdom and his common sense.
Bill often spoke of his beloved family, especially Pally, Imraj and Vicram, and he was absolutely devoted to them and would do anything at all for them. He didn't want his boys to get the impression that he was a pushover, so he would put up a show of resistance when he thought he ought to! Pally was the love of his life and his guiding star. It is a tragedy that Bill was taken from us all in such an untimely way, but there is some consolation in knowing that he enjoyed his work and knew that he had a loving family both at home and in the office. We miss him, and we will always miss him.
Jon Grunewald, Managing Partner, Watmores

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